Periods Are Awful! Livia’s Here To Relieve Your Pain


3. Livia will be turned on (with the easy on/off switch) and voila!

iPulse Medical, the business behind Livia ended up being founded in April 2015. the

organization aims to assist each woman consider charge of your ex period as well as possess a

more comfortable couple regarding days each and every month. Backed by study from renowned

Professor Bari Kaplan within Israel, Livia uses a technology that has been

proven effective as well as safe to utilize in many clinical studies.

2. the device can be then clipped about (to their own waistband, pertaining to example).

Zero make a new difference what term they will use, riding the crimson wave, or mother

nature's monthly gift, any kind of woman will inform you which getting your time period

is annoying! Dealing with bloating as well as meals cravings is really

uncomfortable, not to mention one of the most fantastic womanly ex perience:

cramps. they can occasionally always be so severe that ladies frequently contact inside sick in order to

work, as well as remain during intercourse popping pain killers, waiting for these to kick in.

"With Livia, women everywhere may use a more comfortable period," mentioned

Livia's CEO Chen Nachum. "Especially with people searching in to holistic

alternatives for food, medicine, along using other industries, Livia may be the

organic step to take to end up being able to have rest from menstrual pain,

specifically for ladies whose cramps can definitely always be debilitating."

Livia is incredibly user-friendly, along along with a natural alternative in order to

painkillers as well as other drugs. the fun colors, and non-conventional style

make it a lot more discreet. The Particular device provides immediate rest from

cramps in three simple steps:

1. users attach the particular gel p ads to their lower abdomen or lower back again

(wherever they're sensation pain).

Livia's portable device, in the other hand, provides immediate rest from

cramps, and also lasts approximately 15 hrs on a single charge, long afterwards these

pills use off. The Particular business provides tapped into physiotherapy tech to block

pain receptors by means of electrical pulses. This specific can end up being a game changer,

specifically during times when Aunt Flo can keep females in bed all day.

Regarding Livia:



commonly known as as the off change with regard to menstrual cramps, can be a discrete

wearable device which may be used in the particular program of menstruation to organically block

pain receptors by means of electrical stimulation. Livia had been unveiled these days

on Indiegogo

and will be also planning to bring the unit into mass production to assist the actual

countless women who are afflicted by severe cramps, in the drug-free,

all-natural way.


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